Here are a few kind words and pics from people I have trained and treated over the years.

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Client completing a lifetime physical achievement

Tessa Aston


Long standing client of Stuart's and he knows his stuff.  Prepare to work hard and reap the rewards. I am working with him to improve my posture and balance, loosen tight calves and improve hip flexibility,  Stuart has gained much experience over the years and is keen to pass his knowledge on.  Try some sessions!

Personal Training Client performing a stork stance with shot balls

Adam Rae


Done some massage and injury therapy with Stuart and I have to say that he is very good at it. He has a good knowledge of injury rehabilitation and puts that knowledge into practice very well.


Would have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone who needs them.

Peter Thompson



I have Parkinson's disease and do as much physical exercise as possible to combat it. I see Stuart every week and his guidance is invaluable, with flexible fitness regimes which he adjusts to my capacity. And he doesn't let me get away with being lazy! Really worthwhile--I can recommend him for any age or level of fitness.

Client doing Ice-Skater exercise with a ViPR or rubber log

Leo Borwick



I am a long-time client of Stuart's and would highly recommend him as a fitness and martial arts instructor. He is a dedicated teacher who constantly seeks to expand his own considerable knowledge and techniques and to pass the benefits to his students.

Client competing in combat

Toby is Curator of Arms and Armour at the Wallace Collection, one of the UK's great collections of fine and decorative art. He's also a champion jouster, who competes every year in major international tournaments, fighting in full plate armour on horseback and on foot, on the continent and in the UK, the USA, Canada, and even Australia. Not many people know that real jousting is alive as well as a competitive sport, but it is growing all the time with more than 100 competitors practicing worldwide.


'My fitness requirements are sometimes a little out of the ordinary, but Stuart always comes up with unusual but highly effective training regimes for me. Its always different, never gets boring, and the results come very fast. His knowledge and training have been instrumental in keeping me at the top of the international ranking for nearly two years now.'


'Traditional Fitness is by far the best fitness class I've ever taken. The exercises are changing continually, are always challenging, and are totally relevant to everyday life. Everything is derived from real world activity, useful, working fitness- its helped my speed, strength, balance, and most importantly, physical and mental awareness.' 


'Stuart is an extremely versatile trainer, with a very wide range of knowledge and experience- he can always come up with the right thing for you at the right time. I've had a stiff, weak left wrist for nearly 20 years; it was broken in fall from a horse in the early 90s, and I have been reluctant to use it ever since, and it has never stopped hurting. Stuart helped me make it strong again in quite a short time- I couldn't believe it. It doesn't hurt anymore and I have a lot more movement and strength in it again. I didn't think it was possible. He works magic with kettlebells. Thanks Stuart!'

Student receiving award for physical excellence

Carly Packer



Stuart has outstanding knowledge of various injuries and pain problems, he also has an amazing talent for listening to individual problems and assessing how to resolve them. He has a very thorough calm approach and is very passionate about helping others to improve any physical ailments.

Very Professional, I would highly recommend him to anyone.