Assess & Correct

As mentioned in my 'Profile Page', my approach to fitness training will begin in much the same as it would regarding injury rehabilitation. You will be taken through a 'Functional Fitness Assessment' to discern any imbalances in posture, neuro-muscular function, coordination, flexibility and range of motion that need addressing. These will then be incorporated into a personalised regime, which will be gradually added to as and when you are able to absorb and perform the initial stages of the program. Performance and progression are best promoted with quality over quantity, so good execution of the various exercises are paramount before increasing load and speed.

Once we are happy that your body is prepared with the corrective exercises, these can then be used both as warm-up exercises and as a form of maintenance and recovery, to keep the body working efficiently and safely.

Moving Forward & The PFL Program


Progressing from here can be achieved in many ways depending on a clients specific goals. But I have designed a general fitness program that tries to encompass all of the components of fitness and steadily increase them on an even par. The program can also be used as a way of testing the various components of your physical capabilities. I have named it The Personal Fitness Level or PFL Program and I have made it available for anyone to use freely. Please follow the link below for more details on this complete and comprehensive exercise program.


Personal Fitness Level Program Link