booking sessions

The easiest way to book a session with me is to send me a brief email detailing your particulars and preferences. I will then send you the relevant pre-assessment forms to be filled in and returned before your first session. This will give me time to review your case history and prepare for the session as necessary, which will also save time during the appointment.


Fitness & Injury Therapy Enquiries

If you are serious about making a long term change to either your general health and fitness or a chronic physical condition, then I am sure you will agree that this cannot be achieved in one or two sessions!

For this reason I have stopped offering one off sessions for this kind of service and instead start with a four pack minimum (4 x 1 hour sessions). This gives both me and the client time to get a feel for how we tick and for me to feel satisfied that I have made a good start.


Sports Massage Enquiries

For enquiries relating to sports massage I am happy to offer single session payments as this is generally performed on a more informal basis.






Single 1 Hour Session: £45

4 x 1 Hour Sessions: £40

8 x 1 Hour Sessions: £35


(for online pricing please see the COACH IN A BOX page)


Initial session packs to be paid upfront, continuing plans can be paid for via standing order.


Payment Methods:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • BACS (Transfer)

                                           AC: 10382051

                                           SC: 20-97-40



*Please note that session packs are generally based on a consistent weekly attendance which entitles clients to the discounts offered, please try to honour this within reason as will I. As the service provider I withhold the right to withdraw my services if sessions are missed, inconsistent and/or there is a significant lack of commitment towards participation in the remedial practices prescribed. And any payments made upfront are non-refundable unless I as the service provider deems it to be ethical.