pfl discipline library

Cat 1.) Stability & Cardiopulmonary

Sub Max VO2 Max ml/kg/m

Using a treadmill and heartrate monitor walk as fast as you can for 1 mile or 1.61 kilometers with a good straight posture.
record your final heartrate in the last 10 seconds of your walk and the time it took to complete it.


Figure 1: 0.388 x Age
Figure 2: 0.17 x Weight (Kgs)
Figure 3: 3.265 x Duration (mins)
Figure 4: 0.156 x Heart Rate

Total Score: Fig 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = X

VO2 Max: 139.168 – X
(Milligrams per Minute)
+ 6.318 for Males

1 Mile Run min
Using a treadmill run 1 mile or 1.61 kilometers as fast as you can with good posture

Shoulder Wall Slide


Squat Depth


Body Row Hold


Prone Knuckle Hold


Side Plank


Straight Arm Side Plank


1 Leg Pike Squat


Hand Stand


Pike Sit


Planche Tuck & Planche


Human Flag Tuck & Human Flag

Cat 2.) Strength



Push Up




Body Row
The Body Row has the same criteria as the Body Row Hold listed above in the Stability & Cardiopulmonary category, the only difference being that it is a dynamic exercise of repetitions which lift to an elbow angle of less than 90 degrees each time.


Sit Up

Military Press

Pull Up

Inverted Wall Press & Hand Stand Press

Cat 3.) Power & Skill

Clean & Jerk


Pull Up Clean

Note; To measure the Pull Up Clean, first take your 'Calf Raise Reach Height' as described above in the PFL Chart Key, then measure the bar height to which you can perform the discipline. Now divide the bar height by your c.r.r.h and times by 100 to convert into a percentage of your c.r.r.h, this is your score!

Vertical Jump

Note; To finish what I was saying, the difference between the two heights measured is your score!

Clap Push Up

2 Leg Long Jump

1 Leg Split Jump

Cat 4.) Speed Agility & Quickness

Shark Skill Test


Davies Test


100m Sprint
Mark yourself out a start and a finish line covering 100 meters or use an available running track.
Set yourself up in the traditional starting position with finger and thumb on the start line and a staggered crouch. You will also need a timekeeper at the finish line with a timing devise to start you off and time your sprint.