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Ankle, Wrist and Dumbbells Weight Set, for aerobics and light resistance exercise
Ankle, Wrist and Dumbbells Weight Set
Plyometric Slam Ball 5, 10, 15kg. For power, strength and functional fitness
Slam Ball
Weighted Body Bars, or Aerobic Bars, 5-8kg with foam casing
Weighted Body Bars (Aerobic Bars)

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Ankle, Wrist and Dumbbells Weight Set

The 66fit Adjustable Ankle and Hand Weight Set is ideal for anyone requiring a complete set of ankle, wrist and dumbbell weights.


Brand: 66fit


Barcode: 5055263214485





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Ankle, Wrist and Dumbbells Weight Set De
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Slam Ball

66fit Slam Balls are weighted balls that are designed to be slammed into a wall or the floor. The no-bounce design enables the user to build explosive strength.


Ideal for Crossfit, boxing, core strengthening and general fitness - 66fit slam balls are ideal for building up explosive strength, speed, stamina, and improving coordination. So why not take out your frustration and build up your fitness by slamming the balls into the ground!



Inner Material: Sand/Iron Mix

Outer Material: PVC

Available in Weights: 5kg, 10kg and 15kg

Colour: Black


Brand: 66fit

SKU: HK-SB2022-5

Barcode: 5055263216588



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Aerobic Weighted Exercise Bars

The Weighted Aerobic Bar is designed to be used for core strength training, cardio, strength and functional training.


The Aerobic Weighted Bar was designed in response to requests from our customers for a bar that was slightly heavier than those currently available on the fitness market. Thus we produced a weighted bar which is available in four incremental weights ranging from 5kg to 8kg.

Our bars are widely used for core, strength and functional training programmes, cardio and step workouts. Use them individually at home or in a gym or class environment as part of group physical therapy, Pilates, yoga or aerobics.

With their fresh modern look and user friendly features, weighted aerobic exercise bars are an ideal choice for incrementally resistive exercise regimes to increase stability, build endurance and improve core strength.




The Weighted Aerobic Bar is designed to be used for core strength training, cardio, strength and functional training.

Suitable for group and individual exercises. Gym or home use.

120cm long, 38mm diameter iron/steel weighted bar.

Available in 4 incremental weights. 5 - 8kg

Thick foam padding for comfort and ease of grip.



Colour: Black bar. Colour coded end caps

Weights Available: 5kg,6kg,7kg & 8kg

Dimensions: 120cm x 0.38cm

Materials: Iron/ Steel

Made in Taiwan


Brand: 66fit

SKU: BP-9001-5

Barcode: 5055263214713


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