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Multi Functional Exercise Board or Aerobic Step. Also use as a Wobble Board or Balance Board
Multi Functional Exercise Board (Aerobic Step)
Wire skipping rope or speed rope for aerobic exercise and boxing conditioning
Pro Wire Speed Skipping Rope

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Multi Functional Exercise Board (Aerobic Step)

This is the ultimate all in one stretching exercise. Designed for step, stretch, rock and balance exercises. Easily fits the attachments into the grid on the base of the board to suit your exercise. Ideal for home and professional use.


Brand: 66fit


Barcode: 5055263216236


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Multi Functional Exercise Board (Aerobic
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Pro Wire Speed Skipping Rope

Get the ultimate skipping rope workout with the 66fit Pro Wire Speed Rope.

The 66fit Pro Speed Skipping Rope is a serious speed rope designed to be used to gain the maximum explosive power, strength, speed and coordination possible.

Our Pro Wire Skipping Rope is constructed from a steel cable encased in a PVC outer skin making it extremely fast, durable and flexible.

The ingenious swivel handle design features two ergonomically designed handles with non-slip grips and ball bearings for a fast spinning twist free action.

Suitable for use by anyone up to 6’ (183cm) tall, the 66fit Pro Wire Cable Rope is a simple yet effective tool for developing speed, agility and co-ordination with the ultimate skipping rope workout.




The 66fit Speed Cable Skipping rope is a simple yet effective tool for developing speed, agility and coordination.

Fast rope designed for speed work and fast feet. Indoor use only.

Steel cable housed in a PVC outer skin. Ergonomic non-slip handles. ABEC-3 ball bearings for fast twist free action. No tangles.

Ideal for Crossfit, boxing and MMA training.

Suitable for use up to 6’ (183cm) tall. Adjustable length.


Colour: Green/ black

Main Materials: PVC/ steel cable

Presented in: Blister Pack

Packed Weight: 350g

Made in Taiwan


Brand: 66fit

SKU: BP-P-460-1

Barcode: 5055263202666


  • Ships within 1-3 days1