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Core stability and rehabilitation exercises, using Pilates wheels, wobble boards, core wheels and therapy bands
Aerobic Fitness training using dumbbells, ankle and wrist weights, body bars and slam balls


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Pilates Double Handle Ring for core and stability training
Pilates Double Handle Ring
Ab Roller Wheel with small mat, for core abdominals and lats
Ab Roller Wheel with Knee Pad
Abs & Core Wheel With Foot Stirrups and Knee Pad for core and hip flexors
Abs & Core Power Wheel With Knee Pad
Multi Functional Exercise Board or Aerobic Step. Also use as a Wobble Board or Balance Board
Multi Functional Exercise Board (Aerobic Step)

Plyometric Slam Ball 5, 10, 15kg. For power, strength and functional fitness
Slam Ball
Multi Adjustable Exercise Band Set with handles, for core stability and suspension training
Multi Adjustable Exercise Band Set
Over the Door Exercise Band Anchor Strap, for suspension training, tubular bands and therapy bands
Exercise Band Door Anchor
Ankle, Wrist and Dumbbells Weight Set, for aerobics and light resistance exercise
Ankle, Wrist and Dumbbells Weight Set

Yoga Mat and Carry Bag 3.5mm and 6mm Thicknesses for Exercise and Pilates
Yoga Mat and Carry Bag
Thick Foam Exercise Mat, Blue/Black, for fitness, Yoga, Pilates
Professional Exercise Mat - 17mm x 61cm x 184cm - Blue/Black
Gym Ball, Swiss Ball, Stability Ball - Burst Resistance, Anti-Burst
Gym Ball - Burst Resistance
Pilates Soft Balls, Core Balls - Set of 2 for balance and stability training
Pilates Soft Balls - Set of 2

Weighted Body Bars, or Aerobic Bars, 5-8kg with foam casing
Weighted Body Bars (Aerobic Bars)
Wooden Wobble Board, or Balance Board for stability training, core and leg strength
Wooden Wobble Board (Balance Board)
Wire skipping rope or speed rope for aerobic exercise and boxing conditioning
Pro Wire Speed Skipping Rope